Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Disposable coffee cups brought health and wealth for the entire world

Disposable Coffee Cups were made for different reasons. There were commercial benefits for both buyers and the sellers.  When people wanted to go for a coffee, they will look for cleanglasses or cups provided by the shop keepers or the hotels.  Small things were counted for any business. People who were getting doubts on their servers who serve the coffee in a dirty glass will be satisfied when coffee is served in a disposable coffee cups.  When these cups were served to such people they will handle the cups as their own material as long as they hold the cups.  This kind of cups was documented in China in the 2nd century.  Those cups were in different size, shape, color, and designs.  The texture or the wordings on those cups showed the possessions of Yu Family from China.  Disposable cups from 20th century were modern where coffee is serviced with water and coffee or tea dippers so that the ranges of taste will be decided by the consumers as they like.  Paper cups were used in all the developing countries and the developed countries to make sure they are keeping healthy and wealthy in the midst of fast moving world.
Advantages of Disposable Coffee Cups from the commercial world
Disposable coffee cups were used in almost all the industries from small to big like hospitals, schools, offices, even in some homes with so many visitors.  These cups were added more advantages when compared to the plastic and Styrofoam cups.  Many infections speeded through drinking glasses were replaced by paper glass were once used will be thrown to secure the health of the others and reduces work for those were rinsing everyday.  Many factors which were involved in maintenance of the glass were like washing power, excess of water, clean surfaces, and dry cloth for cleaning.  The mighty inventions of these glasses brought a great change in the society. The public hygiene is protected throughout the world when coffee or the related drinks taken in a disposable coffee cups. To capture the eyes of consumers, manufacturers and the marketing companies brought these cups with label, colors, and with attractive pictures of celebrities.  These cups were eco-friendly as these cups were made out of disposable materials; it decomposes easily and easily crushed like papers.
Disadvantages of Disposable Coffee Cups from Healthcare industries
Coffee paper cups were useful to human being and found to be reducing related works.  Lowering the polyethylene in manufacturing of Disposable Coffee cups will increase health benefits for all the consumers. Coating of paper or disposable coffee cups with low density polyethylene which develops a running stomach. Our body won’t be able to digest the polyethylene bag bi-products. When people starts using such cups made out of polyethylene, they will experiences with enormous consequences of many cancers.  When it is consumed by the children, they will experience severediarrhea because their body systems were weaker when compared to the adults.  These numerous metals from the food prepared in polyethylene bags can lead to retard growth and damagethe organs to a serious condition.


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